Emperors, like the young learners, have things they treasure and hold dear. Incorporating storytelling, games and animations, the workshop encourages children to uncover the thoughtful ideas planted by a gardener in his garden. It also invites children to find interesting stories in elements of nature for inspiration to create their own private gardens, where precious memories will be preserved to be savoured in the future. Designed for upper primary students, the workshop comprises four one-hour sessions to be conducted in small groups.

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Strolling in the Imperial Garden’, please click here.

Nature with infinite memory

Each charming in their own way, stones, trees and flowing water combine to emulate the beauty of harmony.
An observant eye and a wild imagination are all the children need to unlock deeply buried memories invisible to others.
Each child, like the natural elements, is uniquely created and gifted.

Infinity in the finite

A garden is a symphony of the finest elements of nature. The creation of marvellous scenery for different gardens is filled with the meticulous planning and thinking of the garden designer.
Be it a garden or our life, limitations can be conquered with the creation of unlimited possibilities.

Secrets hidden by the emperor

Gardens have been a key feature in the lives of people throughout history. Even emperors planted things and memories they cherished in gardens. Fun and inviting like a giant pop-up picture book, a garden awaits to be explored and experienced.


The garden in your heart

The convenience of city life and the leisurely serenity of gardens complement each other perfectly.
We are surrounded by elements of nature, both visible and invisible, some planted in gardens, others in our hearts.
Now set out your vision for your own private garden and turn it into reality!


  *Contents of the workshops will be updated with minor amendments.

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