The Education Team was honoured to be invited by the Hong Kong Public Libraries to design the thematic exhibition, Bon Bowl, and a series of education workshops as part of the 2013 Summer Reading Month, a landmark event on the Libraries' calendar.

The bowl is the primary serving utensil in Chinese culture, symbolising a heart-warming, stomach-filling meal and the care and blessings that flow from one diner to another around the table. The exhibition explores the themes of 'The Bowl' , 'The Family' , 'Sharing' and 'Reunion' using the multimedia elements of three-dimensional models, animations and interactive installations. With the crowing of a rooster 'announcing' the beginning of this journey of love , Bon Bowl immerses visitors in the human warmth and fun contained in a bowl by illustrating the different makes of bowls and their decorative patterns alongside a variety of eating utensils and dining spaces.